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DataOps w/ Elizabeth Press

That „quick question“ over Slack? Yeah, that’s probably not the highest value your analytics team can deliver.

In this episode I talk with Elizabeth Press (Head of Business Intelligence at Gymondo) about using DataOps to make analytics work more efficient, reliable and valuable.

Key takeaways:

  1. With DataOps, we want to move away from „quick questions“ over Slack and piles of ad-hoc requests or self-inflicted „emergencies“. It all starts with gaining an overview of our tasks and projects (for example with a Kanban board) and establishing healthy communication patterns.
  2. We can use product thinking or design thinking to understand customer needs and context. The task of the data or analytics team is then to design good solutions.
  3. It’s important to measure the quality of our work as data or analytics team. How much value are we delivering, how much are we held back by fixing broken systems?
  4. Analysts are the face of the data organization. Their strength is in understanding the data, the customer needs and context, and then telling effective stories to drive better decisions.

Production & above summary from Valentin Umbach

AI Guild / DataLift

DataLift #6 Attribution Modelling at Lingoda

Use case in production: ”Revenue and Cost Attribution Modelling and Spark Automation“ Presented by Elizabeth Press, Head of Business Intelligence, Lingoda GmbH Moderated by David Jenkins, Principal AI Consultant, eXXcellent solutions Lingoda’s BI team designed and implemented an end-to-end marketing analytics solution that includes multi-touch marketing attribution models with diverse weighting schemes running as Spark ETLs designed around the AWS EMR managed service, a company-wide taxonomy, as well as a data quality and model stability monitoring system to enable automated granular insights and reporting according to both channel and geographical dimensions.


Co-author of “24 Digital Innovations in Digital Communications”, chapter “The Rise of AI,” planned publishing date Summer 2019, Radboud University, BISPublishers.

Co-author of  FinTech:Accounts of Disruption from Sweden and Beyond,” chapter „Venture capital’s role in the success of the Swedish FinTech industry,” a project of the Stockholm School of Economics and The Internet Foundation in Sweden, Published March, 2018, Routledge. Named by BookAuthority as one of the Top 60 Best FinTech Books of All Time.

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European Venture Markets, Syndication partner

Questions to ask when considering the impact of smart manufacturing on your company

Communications Director, Quadriga Media, syndication partner, I was on the Jury at the 2019 Digital Communications Awards

Monetising your customer insight

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