Fostering a Security-Aware Culture for Sustainable Success

💰 Data is the new gold, and everybody is rushing to find El Dorado.

Digital business is competitive. Boards, investors, managers expect quick results. Details in the user experience, pricing and more can have a large impact on the bottom line and competitive positioning. 

Data management is getting more complex, as companies are collecting larger, more heterogeneous, faster, and more sensitive data, among other attributes. Data managers think about considerations such as costs, efficacy, and stakeholder experience. Security is often an afterthought. 

Data has too many tools. Data management tools evolve quickly. Data managers often purchase tools for specific use cases and other reasons. Threat surfaces are multiplying with each year, and each season in an industry with huge employee turnover.    

🌐The Internet of Things (IoT) further blurs the lines between the physical and digital worlds, introducing new attack vectors and security challenges.

Home office, dispersed locations. 

 As attack surfaces multiply, the world gets more dangerous and data quality becomes increasingly paramount, organizations must prioritize robust data security measures to mitigate risk and protect sensitive information.

🛡️In this rush to connect and deliver, we often forget that data is a valuable asset that needs to be protected.

Getting promoted for a well-managed, secure environment is difficult. Revenue growth, higher conversion, higher marketing ROI are the KPIs that often get appreciated. Like data engineering, security is a role that gets visibility when problems arise. Security, however, can become part of a strategic advantage and customer experience. An ISO 27001 certification can be a sign of quality. DSGVO compliance, as well as visible, effective, yet easy to use authentication and other security mechanisms tell customers show customer centricity by showing customers you care about their privacy.

Cybercriminality is becoming a professionalized industry. Data-rich startups are prime targets, due to greater threat surface and lack of security measures. A mature security culture is becoming a pre-requisite to achieving revenue growth and customer acquisition targets.

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