European Venture Market

This summer I was invited to attend the European Venture Market in Berlin. My major takeaways from the event:

  • Confidence in the European venture market seems to be growing, although many participants still cite best practices from the US.
  • Virtual reality has progressed towards industry-ready use cases in consumer research and smart factories.
  • The Blockchain revolution is coming. Financial services providers and central banks beware!
  • Corporate-Startup partnerships with the goal to „learn“ „innovation“ is in fever pitch in Berlin at the moment.
  • A more diverse investor ecosystem – from very well known investors, to niche investors and corporate investors. Although more diverse does not extend to those who control the capital – the Berlin circle that controls the capital is still tight knit.
  • The German government seems to slowly be realizing the urgent need for early stage financing. BAFA announced their grant for angel investors – Zuschuss für Wägniskapital
  • Some of the more pioneering (and capital intensive) ideas were still advised to look towards Sillicon Valley.

Big data and use cases are central to digitalization-ready business models. We help connect investors, corporations and non-profits to innovative hubs in Europe and the US. Contact Elizabeth Press at if you would would like to access innovation and create a winning and sustainable strategy for the digital era.


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