AI can help defend European freedom

About 24 years ago, my passion for history and language brought me to Berlin.

I was inspired by the panel about AI in Defence as a means of German and European sovereignty because using technology to defend values we cherish is a cornerstone of providing freedom. In Germany. In Europe. And yes, my family history with and Germany – and Europe for that matter – is complicated. I still say that using technology to build a stronger European Defense is a good thing.

There needs to a mindset shift in the tech scene. We need to embrace innovation as a means to preserving the rights we enjoy in democratic countries.

This is the time and the place for the tech scene to put the passion they showed for the business in sectors such as gig economy (reference to recent layoffs at Gorillas) into defending European freedom. I know that many techies have shied away from military applications and even military suppliers, but I strongly believe the mindset needs to change.

It is time for us to learn from the past and live in the present.

“History does not repeat itself but it rhymes” – Mark Twain

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