The future of the analyst

This week D3M Labs releases the 3 part series: „The Future of the Analyst“

What is the future of the most visible role in analytics, and the one responsible for delivering the insight? What is the future of the analyst?

In October of 2022, I ran a poll about the future career goals of analysts and found that they are often aspiring leaders. 28% of the analysts saw themselves becoming senior analysts within the next 1-3 years. 

Despite the enthusiasm that many analysts have for their craft and the value they bring to stakeholders, many of them are frustrated. Career explorer reported that happiness of analysts ranks in the bottom 22% of all careers, mostly attributed to career development and ability to use their abilities to their fullest.

Why are so many analysts frustrated?

-Misconception that analysts are introverted geeks, rather than aspiring leaders who love cross functional collaboration

– View of the analyst role as being a generalist entry point into data, rather than the high value craft of delivering impactful insight. 

The Future of the Analyst:

Part 1: Elevating the analyst – an interview with Joao Sousa. Joao Sousa, Director of Growth at Kausa, will share his journey from data to management consulting with McKinsey and back again. He shares his vision of how elevating the analyst can unlock untapped potential in data.

Part 2: From analyst to CEO – an interview with Alfredo Carreras. Alfredo Carreras, CEO & Co-Founder of Wellat Technologies, shares his journey from analytics to founding and running a company. He also talks about why analysts can make great CEOs and what skills they need to develop. 

Part 3: Data is about Business – an interview with Tristan Burns. Tristan Burns shares his transition from banking to being a data leader. He talks about business acumen and how data leaders can make data a revenue generating function. 

Stay tuned and follow D3M Labs to continue this conversation.

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