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What is the Future of AI Development & Deployment?

ūüĒģ Generative AI is going to change the world‚Ķ.ūüĒģuntil you take some practicalities into account. We had a great time talking about the „Future of the Development and Deployment of AI,“ organized by¬†D3M Labs¬†and hosted by¬†SPICED Academy¬†with¬†Elizabeth Press,¬†M. Murat Ardag, Ph.D.¬†and¬†Samantha Edds. M. Murat Ardag, Ph.D, a Data Scientist and Political Psychologist, presented his study utilizing the Stack Overflow 2023 Annual Developer Survey.

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Operational Analytics, a New Paradigm for Delivering Data-Driven Impact

From higher ROI to easier use, operational analytics answers many contemporary challenges facing data teams. I (Elizabeth Press), spoke with Dani Sol√†¬† Senior Vice President of Data and Analytics at Clark about Operational Analytics. Success, however, necessitates a well-governed data platform and solid security concepts. When your stakeholders come back with questions, it’s a sign of engagement and thus relevance of the system you built.