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Das Produktlebenszyklusmanagement im Zeitalter der intelligenten Geräte – ein Interview mit Eric JoAchim Liese

Wie managt man ein Data Science Produkt, Teil 2: Da die Geräte immer intelligenter werden, muss sich das Produktlebenszyklusmanagement weiterentwickeln, um die Daten als langfristigen Wert und Teil der Kundenbeziehung zu betrachten. Eric Joachim Liese spricht über Edge Computing und Geräteautonomie als Voraussetzung für ein gutes Kundenerlebnis. Er erklärt auch, wie traditionelle Hardware-Hersteller ihre Betriebsabläufe weiterentwickeln und Fachkräfte einstellen können, um diesen Weg erfolgreich zu beschreiten

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Product lifecycle management in the era of smart devices – an Interview with Eric JoAchim Liese

How to Manage the Data Science Product, Part 2: As devices get smart, product lifecycle management for hardware needs to evolve to encompass the view of data as a long-term asset and as an active, even pro-active part of the customer relationship. Eric JoAchim Liese talks about edge computing and device autonomy as being requisite to providing a good customer experience. He also explains how traditional hardware manufacturers can evolve their operations and hire in expertise to successfully navigate the journey.

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Data is about business- an interview with Tristan J Burns

The Future of the Analyst, Part 3: Data is about business, strategy and revenue generation. Tristan J Burns shares his transition from banking to being a data leader. Tristan details how he sees the role of a data leader encompassing EQ (emotional intelligence) and enabling the data team to drive strategy and data-driven decision making. The interview also includes how data leaders should be measured and which C-Suite roles they should fill.

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Why managers should drink coffee: A Military Veteran’s take on change management

Neil Herzog-Gilroy is a former British Army Military Intelligence Operator. He draws on 20 plus years of experience of working with various Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies around the world to bring us some food for thought on how to manage change in fast paced environments where people are the most important resource.