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How Large Language Models are Transforming Data Operations

Large language models and generative AI are disrupting how data is done. I (Elizabeth Press from D3M Labs) spoke with Leonid Nekhymchuk (Leo), CEO and Co-Founder of Datuum.ai, about how large language models will transform data operations.  Datuum uses AI to connect data sources with target models, automate mapping, making data integration less time-consuming and less expensive. 

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Launching a human understandable data pipeline in times of war – and interview with Dmytro Zhuk

Automating the ETL process using deep learning and semantic data type detection is never easy, especially in the midst of war. One year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Dmytro Zhuk, founder and CTO of Datuum.ai talked to Elizabeth Press from D3M Labs about his experiences as a family man and an entrepreneur in Kharkiv. He also shares his vision and hopes for the future.

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Is scary data pipeline technical debt haunting your business?

Technical debt in your data pipeline will impact your organization in ways that will annoy stakeholders, make the working lives of analysts tedious and frustrate data engineers. This debt can cause embarrassment in front of boards and investors, as numbers can be mismatching and unexplainable. And worse.