Contextualizing our world with data, a D3M Labs Series

Introducing a four part D3M Labs series about how communications professionals use data.

Communications professionals are increasingly using data to architect their messaging and build relationships with us. The impact can range from branding and connecting with customers and prospects, to reporting about world events.

Part 1, Advertising: Why creatives in advertising should embrace data science and data mining – an interview with Les Guessing. Les Guessing, an Emmy Winning Copywriter / Creative Director in Los Angeles (and beyond), talks about his journey through the world of advertising and into data. He explains why creatives should work with data because, among other reasons, creative mindset enables them to look at data and see something from an entirely different perspective than data people. He also talks about how new technologies are changing the ad space and making it more possible for creatives to get involved with data.

Part 2, Customer Relationship Management: Nurturing the customer relationship with data – an interview with Sarah Carr. Sarah Carr started her career in marketing and communications in Northampton and then in London, UK. She moved to Berlin in 2018. With every role she became more technical, through CRM and into data. Sarah talks about her journey and how her focus grew with the increasing omni-channel sophistication of CRM. She also talks about how data teams and business stakeholders can foster good relationships and why Arts degrees can be rich breeding grounds for analytical minds. 

Part 3, Public Relations: On the communication front with the Ukrainian PR army – an interview with Liuka Lobarieva.  Liuka Lobarieva has been volunteering as a coordinator for Food Safety and Nuclear Safety since Russia invaded Ukraine, driven by her conviction that it is important to tell the truth about the war caused by Russia in the very center of Europe today. She does this while she is working as Public Relations and Communications Manager at, a startup using AI to automate data pipelines.  Liuka gives a unique glimpse into the virtual world of PR professionals telling Ukraine’s story.

Part 4, Journalism: Solving the experimentation dilemma and growing the New York Times- an interview with Shane Murray. Shane Murray has been the Field Chief Technology Officer at Monte Carlo, the data reliability company, since June 2022. Prior to Monte Carlo, Shane was the Senior Vice President of data & insights at The New York Times, where he was a data leader since 2013. Shane talks about how to solve the experimentation speed vs. quality dilemma – and often outright conflict – between business stakeholders and data teams. We go deep into the analytics. Shane also talks about how the New York Times transformed itself into a digital subscription product and tech company. He takes us through his journey building the data organization and his tenure, which included the Trump era. 

Writing and other forms of expression might be art, however, technology is the means by which thoughts, news, images and more are conveyed, stored, measured and iterated. The boundaries that keep left and right side disciplines are getting blurry. 

As pundits talk about democratizing data, creatives might unlock value that analytics minds don’t see. 

If AI can create art. Maybe artists can create AI.That might save the dithery data budget. 

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